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Scott saved my marriage!

He has taught my wife (a lifetime PC user - who thought an Apple was something to let rot in the fruit bowl!) to use our Mac happily. It is now an asset rather than a missile.
— Andrew


Many of us buy the latest technology, but then find ourselves not able to fully enjoy our new product because we don’t know how to use it. Rather than feeling disappointed that your new device isn’t living up to your expectations, consider embarking on a journey to embrace and master your new technology.

There are many great features on your iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBook that you may not be using. Find out how to get the most out of your Apple product with my One-on-One training course. You get individual attention and hands-on training and will feel empowered to use your device confidently and effectively.


• Send and receive email from your device • Take and share videos and photos • Send text messages from your iPad • Find documents • Install apps • Make phone calls via the Internet • Read books on your device • Listen to music and radio • Keep your contacts, messages and photos safe • Or anything else you want to do


I teach you how to use your iPad, iPhone or Macintosh as a tool to get things done, not how it works. I concentrate on tasks and believe the technology should be left in the background. 

There is no such thing as a silly question

My lessons are informal and I encourage you to ask questions. Questions are an integral part of the training.

My goal is for you to realise more value from the devices you already own, not to demonstrate how clever I am.

I have been teaching people to use their computer devices for over 25 years. My students have included qualified professionals (doctors, lawyers, tradespeople, teachers, etc), retirees, housewives, students and young children. 

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and during my 25-year career have worked as an IT Specialist in Australia, Europe and North America. I have also worked in teaching roles in Australia and Japan and in Customer Service and Support roles for over 10 years.

My diverse working experience gives me a deep understanding of the technology and the social skills to communicate this to you, regardless of your experience or background.


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How to find me

I work in the Gulgong Post Office from Monday to Friday. Drop in anytime from 8am to 5pm to make an appointment. If the shop isn't busy I'll help you straight away, or we can arrange a time for later.

I live in Mudgee and on Wednesdays I make house calls. My day books up quickly so get in touch early if you'd prefer I came to you.