Understanding your iPhone and iPad

  • Switches, buttons and how to care for your iDevice
  • Icons, screens and how to configure your iDevice
  • Gestures and Accessibility Options
  • Making and receiving calls on an iPhone - Tricks and Tips
  • Facetime
  • Typing, Autocorrect and Cut-Copy-Paste
  • Using “smiley’s” and creating keyboard shortcuts
  • iCloud and how to backup and synchronise your Contacts
  • Using your Calendar
  • Setup and sending/receiving emails
  • Surfing the web
  • Taking photos and managing your photo library
  • Transferring photos to and from your iDevice
  • Using Maps and getting directions
  • Synchronising with your computer
  • Searching for and downloading Apps
  • Creating a “Personal Hotspot” and sharing your Internet connection


Morning and afternoon tea is provided. There is also break for lunch (lunch is not provided).

Understanding your iPhone or iPad

Bring your iPhone or iPad along to get practical training on how to use your device. First you will learn the basics, including understanding the different buttons, switches, icons and screens. By the end of the day, you will know how to check your email, use the Internet, call people for free on FaceTime, use your calendar, backup your data so you never lose important information, share photos, and download apps.

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Note: While not compulsory, you are strongly advised to bring your iPad or iPhone to the class fully charged and ready to go!

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