Thank you for your patience and attention these past weeks.  I've uploaded the slides for each class below. If you click on each week the PDF file will probably open in your browser.  You can then save it to your computer.  Alternatively you can "right-click" on each link and save the PDF without opening it in your browser.

You might find it useful to bookmark this page so you can come back here if you need to.

If you're using your iPad or iPhone, "tap-and-hold" on the links below to open them in a new tab. While you can leave the tab in your Safari browser you won't save them permanently on your iPad. To save them permanently download the iBooks app (from the App Store) and, when you're looking at the downloaded slide, tap the Share button (that's the square with the arrow coming out) and choose "Save to iBooks". You'll then find the slides in your iBooks app.

Call me anytime (0408 726 722) if you need help with this or any other Apple problem.

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