iOS6 Maps could be a deal breaker for some

If you haven't upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS6 then you might want to stop and think before you do. If you've already upgraded then, well, the horse has bolted (so to speak). 

If you use the Maps app on your iDevice then you may find that the version that comes with iOS6 does not meet your needs. I know from my own experience that it is missing a lot of information that the iOS5 version had. An example that sticks in my memory is that it could not find a route between Mudgee and Denman. Many of the Points Of Interest (POI's) around Mudgee are out of date (can anyone remember when Fran's Fast Foods closed?!). I'll leave you to work out the error with Bondi Beach. There are already quite a few web sites tracking some of the more glaring errors or omissions. 

And if you're planning to upgrade to iOS6 so you can get "turn by turn" directions, hold that thought. They won't be available to Australian iPhones until "October" (for some value of October). 

If you have upgraded all is not lost. You can save "" to your home screen and use it when searching for POI's or directions. And there are upsides to upgrading to iOS6: Siri is more reliable and can help with more things, Do Not Disturb, Panorama photos, Shared Photostreams, to name a few. 

But if you are a big Maps user I'd recommend reading a few Internet blogs before upgrading. It's not all beer and skittles in the land of iOS6. 

Update (December)
Well, Apple's maps have certainly improved but they still don't have the same level of detail of Google's map data.  Another change is Google has released their own, free Maps App for the iPhone.  So you really don't have a reason not to upgrade now.  Also, if your iPhone or iPad supports Siri then you now have Turn-by-turn directions built in.

Overall, this entire "maps exercise" has become a real 'win' for iPhone and iPad users.  We now have 2 free Turn-by-turn apps (Apple's and Google's) and finally a bit of an "arms race" in this area.  So we should really start to see some progress here.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the free Waze app for Turn-by-turn driving instructions.  I find it provides me with more current updates of traffic conditions.

You can find the Google and Waze apps in the App Store by following the links below:

Google Maps