Why does my iPhone "Settings" app have a number on it?

You may have noticed that the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad has suddenly sprouted a little red circle with the number 1 in it.  This is Apple's way of telling you that there is a new, free version of iOS available.


What is this "iOS" you speak of?

iOS is the name of the software that runs your phone.  It does the same job on your iPhone as Windows XP Vista, or MacOS does on your computer.  It's the program that runs when you turn on your iPhone. Every other app that you use must talk to iOS to do anything.

So what do I do about this number?

When you upgrade your 'iDevice' the number will disappear.  Always make sure you back up your photos, notes and another information on your iDevice before you apply the upgrade.  I haven't heard of any "upgrade failures" but there's no need to tempt fate.

Upgrading your iDevice can be done right on the device, or you can follow the prompts the next time you 'Sync' it with iTunes on your computer.  It's easy to do yourself, but if you'd like help feel free to contact me.  I can give free advice over the phone.  If that still sounds like hard work give me a call and I can do the job for you.